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2nd Annual JCC Corporate Clash

The McClure Company team showed up on Front Street at the JCC Fitness Center ready to defend their first-place title from 2016. The 11-man team enjoyed the camaraderie and competed in individual and group events. After the display of cannon ball, running, spinning, balloon toss, football toss and relay race talent, McClure was able to bring home Gold again.

We Are Cooking

McClure Company took our mobile grill and headed North. As a way of showing our appreciation for the loyalty and confidence our customers instill in us, company volunteers spent the morning cooking lunch for the staff at Newport School District.

Safety Is A Tool For Life

Ronald Goodrich presents at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2017 (OSC17) in Columbus, OH.  Managing the Boiler Department at McClure Company for the past 25 years, Ronald Goodrich has supervised the installation, repair and maintenance of large commercial/industrial boiler-burner systems. Ron’s career began 41 years ago as a field technician with Honeywell, as a Local 520 apprentice.

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